For clinicians working in Paediatrics or Emergency Care

The Queen Mary University of London
Paediatric Emergency Medicine MSc

learn the skills to read, analyse, evaluate and synthesise the evidence and apply it to your practise to deliver better care for your patients

Masters / Diploma / Cert

- Complete Year 1 (Modules 1-4) and receive a PG Cert
- Complete Year 1+2 (Modules 1-8) and receive a PG Dip
- Continue and complete Year 3 and receive a Masters degree

Holly Wakefield, Year 2 student

Hear from our students

Hear from our faculty

Tara George, GP

This course is for you if:

- You are committed to delivering better patient care
- You enjoy working as part of a team
- You want to work in a global, multidisciplinary environment
- You have time to dedicate to furthering your PEM knowledge

Course outline

-Year 1 consists of 4 x 8-week modules
- Year 2 consists of 4 x 8-week modules
- Year 3 is a scientific paper

What are the benefits?


You'll learn skills in infographic creation, presentation delivery, and blogpost writing

Statistics knowledge

Become confident at reading academic papers and interpreting the evidence to deliver better patient care

DFTB Access

Free access to all DFTB online courses while you are on the PEM MSc to level up your knowledge even more


Q: Can I do this while I'm working full-time?
A: Most of our students work full-time in clinical roles and balance the PEM MSc around those. It's hard work but totally worth it.
Q: Do I have to be a doctor to do this Masters Course?
A: Definitely not. We have doctors, nurses, and paramedics on our course all learning together. Our faculty also includes experienced ACPs, nurses, and paramedics.
Q: Is this MSc delivered in collaboration with Don't Forget The Bubbles?
A: Yes! DFTB and QMUL have teamed up to bring you the best global faculty and the optimal online learning experience.

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